Achieving things, together

What's your api?

Note The API key needs to have "achievements" aka "progression" access or else it won't work.

Please note that the API doesn't actually give all achievement information and so some achievements are missing. I'm sorry.

Don't want to share your API? Click below to just show all achievements!



  • Click on the locations you want to view in the top left and click "Filter" to see only achievements in that area.
  • "Show Collections" adds achievements from the collection category.
  • "Show Locked" adds achievements that you have not unlocked yet.
Is something wrong/missing? Let me know! thecaligarmo#2267 on discord or thecaligarmo.1749 in-game.
Note that festivals are not included by choice.
Not added yet:

  • Legendary collection(s) location(s)
  • Some wiki links may be wrong

Location filter

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