The Fellowship of the Phoenix

History and lore of the fellowship of the Phoenix

The Overachievers

? — June 2016

Druing the year of habitica 2015, there was a party known as the overachievers led by the noble Oleksandra Bakun. They led us from battle to battle as we socialized and become a strongly knit bond. The origins and history of the overachievers is shrowded in mystery. It is lost to the winds for in 2016, our leader disappeared, never to be heard from again. The overachievers knew not what to do and many discussions on the topic were seen throughout the land. Having no control, and no way to add new members to the party, the overachievers decided to move on from the disappearance of Oleksandra and form a new party under the leadership of the strong Caesg. And so in June of 2016, a new party was born.

The Cheetah Coalition

June 2016 — January 2017

Having been voted the leader, Caesg took control of the overachievers and we became known as the Cheetah Coalition. Our numbers grew and we became a massive party of 30 members! We destroyed quests left and right by day and socialized endlessly by night. Our page was filled with endless cheetah images and "good morning cheetahs" was heard throughout the land. Our party was formidable.

But, as happens with any party, the party started splitting in two. Part of the party wanted to focus more on questing while the other half wanted to focus more on socializing. And so in January 2017 it was decided the party would split. Caesg left and joined a small party by Vinter where there was greater importance put on socializing. Dragonezss became the new leader of the cheetah coalition and a new chapter in our history began.

The Fellowship of the Phoenix

January 2017 — Present day

As Dragonezss took over, she and The Cali Garmo laid down the framework for the party and new guideliness were put into place. The party became a questing party and Dragonezss was our fearless leader. As our party had split, it was decided our name should change as well. The party, being a democracy, all gave suggestions for names, and by popular vote in April 2017, the suggestion "the fellowship of the phoenix" by Fanfanfanfan was voted as our new party name. It paid tribute to our rebirth as a party. Our coat of arms was similarly voted on the following month and the current coat of arms was the creation of The Cali Garmo, paying tribute to our origins of the cheetah coalition and to our current rebirth as the pheoenixes.

What happens next? Who knows, only time will tell...

Current Members

Past Members